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Channeling Miss U while driving


The Philippines just finished the successful hosting of the Miss Universe Pageant, and while we are still in a Miss U high, hopefully we can translate some of the grace of the beauty queens into our everyday driving.

We see impeccably dressed men and women turn into monsters just because somebody cut them on the road, or do car Kung Fu just to be able to get a parking slot.

We recently saw a yellow Kia Picanto do a local version of a dramatic car chase usually seen in the movies.

Does getting behind the wheel cast a magic spell that turns us into villainous creatures?

Well, fret not. Here are some tips that can help you become confidently beautiful while driving.


Share the driveway

When loading or unloading in an establishment’s driveway, be mindful of other cars. Some vehicles stop right smack in the middle even if there is still space in front of them. This blocks the continuous flow of vehicles whose passengers need to get inside the establishment.

Also, make sure to stay closest to the curb so that other cars can pass on the outer lane.


If you’re trying to outmaneuver the vehicle on the roundabout, please stop because the car on the roundabout has the right of way.

Parking pose

We see lots of pictures on Instagram and Facebook of people not parking correctly even if the parking slots are lined.

Worse, there are those who park in slots reserved for the handicapped or who block the ramp.

When 2 becomes 1

When two lanes merge into one, the most regal queenly move is to alternately give way to each other.

When the pressure is on

Part of being a beauty queen is to be able to handle stress with grace. If you see yourself in a difficult situation on the road, take 10 deep breaths and compose yourself.

In the age of social media, you don’t want to be the crazy woman who went viral due to a meltdown.

If the police apprehend you, be respectful to the officer. If you figure in an accident, be relaxed but firm while talking to the other person.

People are always more open to negotiations if they don’t need to put their shield up.

Don’t be too flashy or noisy

Some drivers are just way too “bright and honk-happy.”  Flashing the headlight or pressing on the horn are used to get the attention of your fellow motorist, but if you are the type of driver who does these for the slightest of reasons, people will just ignore you.

Stage left or right?

So that you don’t suffer from misinterpretation, use your signal when changing lanes or turning, or your hazard lights when making an emergency stop.

Passing lane

Let others use the passing lane.

If you are not passing or just maintaining cruising speed, please always remember that the leftmost lane is for passing or overtaking vehicles.

Some people like to stay in this lane because they feel that there are fewer cars there—and correctly so because this lane is for cars who want to overtake.

Don’t hog the stoplight

When you want to turn left, stick to the left lane—not the middle or the right lane.

This creates a traffic jam because the other cars can’t pass because you are blocking their lane.

Our driving conditions would be a lot more pleasant if more drivers could be more gracious and courteous.

For those of us who are educated, please remember that this strongly reflects our breeding and brains.

Similar to the Q&A portion at the pageant, these always define the runner-up from the queen.

Congratulations to Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo, my former schoolmate Kat De Castro, and former motoring beat colleague Frederick Alegre for the successful staging of the Miss Universe contest.

Congratulations also to Maxine Medina for her excellent performance.

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