New fuel claims to restore lost engine glory


As automotive technologies evolve towards smaller, albeit more powerful internal combustion engines, the fuel that powers them needs to level up.

Shell fuel specialist Mae Ascan revealed to media during the June 8 Shell V Power fuels launch that this trend has prompted Shell to introduce its newest fuels with Dynaflex technology.

This time, she says, Shell offers fuels to not only power modern engines, but to provide powerful cleaning and friction-reducing molecules.

She explained, “Vehicle manufacturers are squeezing in more power into smaller engines. This exposes your fuel to harsher conditions, and makes it work at a higher temperature, higher pressures, and higher engine load. The engine becomes more prone to deposits, which means your engine becomes dirty, which can have an adverse impact on the overall performance and efficiency of the engine.”

Dynaflex technology

This is where Shell’s Dynaflex technology comes in.

Ascan revealed that it took the Shell fuel team of over 170 scientists and specialists five years, more than 250 cars, in over 3 million km of testing in different countries across Asia, America and Europe.

Ascan claimed that the V-Power Racing and V-Power Gasoline can remove up to 80 percent of deposits, with the twin effect of improving system condition and restoring lost performance.

She added: “V Power diesel is designed to restore up to 100 percent of your engine performance by removing deposits from fuel injectors. This is the first time that we are claiming up to 100 percent engine performance.”

What Ascan isn’t certain about, however, is when that 100 percent could be achieved in your car. “It depends on a lot of factors, as well, such as how much deposits you have in your engine.”

Her guarantee, however, remains. “We substantiate our claims. It’s designed to work in old and new cars.”

She described that Shell maintains an innovation partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, with Shell spending 21,000 hours every year with the organization.

“We use Scuderia Ferrari as our testbed. When it comes down to performance, what better way to do that than in a Formula 1 track using a Formula 1 car. The learning we pick up from there we apply to our V Power fuels.”

Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell VP for retail, said: “We are constantly faced with the challenge to keep up with the rapid evolution of vehicle technology and the changing needs of our customers. This is why we have spent over half a decade of research and development to produce our best-ever fuel.”

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