Excuses men use to buy a car and how to spot them


The other day, my girlfriend and I were having lunch, and our discussion went to our husbands and their love for sports cars.

In my case, as long as it’s within the agreed budget, I don’t mind the car purchase because it’s his “thing.” Still, I get the whole show and tell.

Apparently, my friend also gets her share of “fun facts” before her hubby purchases a car even though they both have separate, sizable holdings.

Whether the funds come from a conjugal pot or not, why do men feel the need to have their car purchases justified?

On the bright side, maybe it’s his way of making you feel included in the action. On the flip side, maybe he just wants to have another person to blame for a wrong decision.

Here are some of the more common justifications men use and how to spot them:

1. It’s a bargain.

Men know that women can never resist a sale. They know they are speaking our language. Here is a blow-by-blow example.

a. Determine the value or stumbling block.

For example, cars are more costly now, or this X car is so good looking.

b. A glimpse of the possibility on the horizon.

After making you feel bad that he cannot have what he desires, you get a glimpse of the silver lining when he says: Did you know that “pareng XYZ” was able to buy this X car at a 20-percent discount because the seller is trying to move this inventory?

You get mixed feelings after this, glad he is not buying, sad he didn’t get the bargain.

c. The kill.

“OMG, Pareng XYZ was able to hook me up with the seller of the X car, and he is willing to give me the same price for it for the very last, last unit.

He might just add this to seal the deal: “The seller even gave me a free car-foiling service worth P200,000, so you get to choose the color.”

2. We made money.

This is relatively new one, but one of the most effective. Just ask the wives of those who were part of the double-digit increase in vehicle sales this year, which sadly, I was part of.

The excise tax has been a Damocles Sword for the automotive industry for about a year now. Hubby’s spiel goes something like this:

a. Instigating fear.

“Did you see that (mentions a news agency) infographic where they show you how much the price of the car will increase because of the excise tax?”

If you said no, he probably has a screenshot ready on his phone.

b. Hopelessness.

“If they pass this excise tax, we might have a hard time buying a new car, or I will never be able to buy my dream car.”

You’re probably saying, “Oh poor us!”

c. The kill.

“I think we need to buy this car now. Imagine, we would only pay this much, but when they pass the excise tax, the value will be raised by 20 percent to 30 percent. We can later sell it at the higher price. We get to use the car and make money in the end.”

3. It’s going to be a classic.

This line works well for couples that believe in #mayforever.

4. It’s a safer choice.

Now it’s time to play on your fears.

a. Car or superbike?

A big bike is another item in a man’s bucket list. The wind blowing in his face, wearing leather jackets, and riding cross country is his ultimate picture of freedom. Sadly, this is also the wife’s nightmare.

After agreeing to buy the car, you end up feeling that he is considerate of your feelings.

b. Car or mistress?

This example was given by my co-columnist, Botchi Santos, in this paper. I wonder if the same argument will work for women: “Hermes Birkin or boylet?”

5. It’s my dream car.

“I’ve wanted it since I was a small boy” (with matching puppy eyes). Shame on you woman for standing in between your man and his dream.

And there is this all-out sneaky move if all of the above were not able to melt your heart of stone.

It’s the “This is not mine, pareng XYZ just needed to park this X car in our garage.”

They can tell you several reasons: “Pareng XYZ has no space.” For wives that are not into too many details, “Pareng XYZ bought this, but mareng XYZ doesn’t know.”

Now you are an accomplice to the crime without knowing you are wife XYZ. This one is comparable to when you go all-out shopping, but have to secretly brings them inside the house and hide in your closet.

Yes, there is a sucker born every minute, but these excuses can also work in our favor. All you need is timing.

Be ready to counter to get something you’ve always wanted. Tell him that a “happy wife is a happy life.”

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