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The new Audi Q7 2.0L TFSI is a princely ride

The new Audi Q7 2.0L TFSI has an all-new 2.0L gasoline-fed engine

Getting a temporary immersion in ultra luxury certainly can put one in danger of becoming a malcontent when shoved back to regular programming so to speak, but on the brighter side, it broadens one’s understanding of how much higher the bar can be raised. That is especially true when it comes to cars.

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Small car, big feat

Long before there was a surge of micro-compact cars here in the country, the Europeans had it good with their benefits that went beyond what’s merely practical.

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Automotive snake oil

If there’s one thing that isn’t first on the blame list for the daily horrendous traffic we go through these days, it’s definitely the influx of new automobiles that roll out into our roads every single month.

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Delightfully outrageous!

The humble Toyota Vios dons racing stripes.

Not long ago, when you talked about automotive promotional campaigns and marketing thrusts to those outside of the industry, their eyes would sort of glaze up, and you can feel their interest in the conversation fade inevitably like the warmth of soup shoved in a freezer.

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Your future car is an SUV, and it would likely be a Ford

Just what is it about sports utility vehicles that have made them such a necessity in our lives? Whether we base it on the figures that the auto manufacturers have been watching ever so closely or not, it’s a visibly undeniable fact that the proliferation of SUVs on our highways, roads and in garages have increased exponentially over the last few years, and it looks like the trend won’t be letting up anytime soon.

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Traffic mess: a congestion of logic

The metro roads look like a filled-up parking lot.

While it’s finally been scientifically proven at long last that it was actually the egg that came before the chicken, that piece of long-awaited information doesn’t really seem to have any practical use—nor can it do anyone any good.

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CAMPI showcases auto industry’s best at the PIMS 2016

IF THERE’S one industry that keeps on besting its own performance year after year without fail, regardless of economic climate, that would be the automotive industry.

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It’s SsangYong’s turn to prove its mettle

Over 20 years ago, three Korean automobile brands broke in to the Philippine market aiming for a sizeable chunk of it. As a cheaper alternative to Japanese cars, the two bigger brands managed to achieve considerable success, thanks in part to niches in the market that had to be filled. But quality issues caught up with that success, that their progress in general, stagnated.

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Race dreams are made of these

Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand—The morning started out gloomy with fine drizzles hinting at a wet race in the afternoon. By the time the roaring engines of the race cars fired up from the pits with alarming loudness, the sun had basically nuked the grey clouds into nothingness.

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Ford’s new Focus: a feast for the senses

It’s been a long while since my last media road trip with Ford, but I can vividly remember how immersive it was in terms of the actual driving experience.

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Jun 13, 2018

Over the course of 14 years writing about cars, I have driven a handful of Italian machines. All have

May 16, 2018

Porsche makes the extremely desirable GT3 even more so—by making you work.

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