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Amid traffic gloom, a shining moment for Pinoy drivers

Being the worst country for a driver to be (community-based traffic and navigation-app Waze ranked the Philippines last in its 2017 annual Driver Satisfaction Index) perhaps enabled Filipino drivers to develop a unique mindset that enabled them to score high in a worldwide driving study initiated by oil giant Shell. Results of the Shell Global […]

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Uber PH launches new safety feature

After the recent spate of attacks on drivers of transport network vehicle services (TNVS), ride-hailing service Uber introduced yesterday another safety feature for its riders paying in cash. Uber explained that its Rider Identification safety feature would activate once the rider selects cash as payment option. “Rider Identification is a verification method when no credit […]

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X-1R Philippines wins 4th consecutive distributor of the year award

The X-1R Corp. named its exclusive distributor in the Philippines—CreativeSparx—as its best performing distributor in the Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Africa region.

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Team Obengers shines bright at 4th season of Vios Cup

Toyota Motor Corp. founder Kiichiro Toyoda once said that car racing is more than just entertainment: “It is vital to the development of the Japanese passenger vehicle industry. Just as athletes test their capabilities by competing with all their strength in the Olympics, automakers use racing as an opportunity to push a vehicle’s performance to the limits and compete for supremacy, enabling them to discover new ways of advancing automotive technology.”

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32 road trips you have to experience in your lifetime

THOSE SOLO long drives, highway trips with family members or friends, beautiful scenes that cross their way while driving, wonderful stopover experiences—these are some of those moments that create memories that never fade.

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Fascinating future rides for the elderly, PWD

With a life expectancy of 87 years, Japanese are among the longest-living people on the planet.

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Tight race ’til end

The last Saturday of November will be the final two races of the Toyota Vios Cup Season 4, and all eyes will be on Team Obengers and Team Toyota Cebu as both expend their utmost at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga.

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Clean energy on wheels takes centerstage

Not so long ago, vehicles running on alternative fuels or those that don’t run solely on gasoline or diesel fuels, were relegated to some discreet corners of motorshow booths. They served more like sidelights as the crowd would gather around newly unveiled or soon-to-arrive vehicle models powered by a technology that was simply a refinement […]

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Team to beat

Obengers coach Roland Hermoso says the team’s recent successes have put the onus on the drivers to “stay hungry” and make the 2017 Toyota Vios Cup (Season 4) a winning season for them.

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Is Xpander going to be worth the wait?

Mitsubishi Motors’ next generation compact MPV, the Xpander, has just made its world debut and will be on sale by September in Indonesia. While the Philippines may have to wait a few more months for a left-hand version of this 7-seater, here are six reasons why you should put that next car purchase on hold until the Xpander’s official launch here in the Philippines.

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Mar 14, 2018

While I generally like cars to go fast, because they are more fun, I’m a huge fan of Shell

Mar 07, 2018

A reader recently asked why we weren’t going deep into the technical as much lately. He was referring to

Mar 07, 2018

Quick question: What would you do if some attacked you in your car? Would you just cower and try