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Nissan reveals IMx zero-emission concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan has been one of the proponents of electric vehicles, having almost 300,000 units of the all-electric drive Leaf hatchback. The Leaf’s second generation offers even greater range and a new suite of safety features. Building on the Leaf’s electric and Nissan’s Intelligent Driving, which include autonomous vehicles, is the Nissan IMx. The IMx is […]

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Mazda zooms in on a pair of concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

  Mazda unveiled a pair of reportedly stunning concept vehicles at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept cars give a glimpse into the future of Mazda, particularly its Kodo: Soul of Motion design language. The Mazda Kai concept is a compact hatchback with flowing sides and an organic, fluid silhouette. If the Kai concept […]

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BMW Ph to unveil 2 series Gran Tourer

BMWs have always been about sporting luxury. The company’s roots are in sport sedans and coupes, and it has successfully translated that ultimate driving machine formula to other segments such as sport utility vehicles.

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Honda CR-V: Once (and future?) king

Keeping the top slot as an automotive bestseller is a tough job. Even in a particular category, preferences can change rapidly.

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Why the Singapore Grand Prix continues to be a crown jewel in the F1 calendar

As Singapore’s hosting of its 10th Formula 1 Grand Prix was in full swing, the organizers announced that the event was to be extended for a further four years.

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BMW Xpo opens on Sept. 15 at BGC

The whole family of BMW vehicles will be on display.

Car enthusiasts of all ages, particularly those with a fondness for the best German steel, can enjoy a unique experience this weekend at the BMW Xpo 2017.

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Going high-end: what to buy before excise tax increases

It’s a twist on the “What car would you buy if you won the lotto” question. This time, it’s: “What car will you buy before the excise tax increases?”

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X-tending a winning formula: BMW X1 crossover

BMW may not have been the first to enter the premium SUV market, but with its debut, the X5 easily became the benchmark for a whole generation of crossovers that carried a premium badge. BMW managed to take its ethos of building some of the world’s best-driving sedans and translating it for its SUV formula. […]

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Wini ideas on design

Mercedes-Benz exterior designer Winifredo Camacho was in town recently. He gave a series of talks, including one to students at his alma mater, the University of Santo Tomas.

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Kia Ph launches all-new Picanto hatchback

Kia’s A-segment hatchback has come a long way from the days of the People’s Car.

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Mar 14, 2018

While I generally like cars to go fast, because they are more fun, I’m a huge fan of Shell

Mar 07, 2018

A reader recently asked why we weren’t going deep into the technical as much lately. He was referring to

Mar 07, 2018

Quick question: What would you do if some attacked you in your car? Would you just cower and try