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Driving and Life Lessons with my Father

My Dad drove me every day to school from nursery until college. 

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Expedition to Coachella

Last April, my husband and I attended the Entrepreneurs Organization’s Global Leadership Conference (EOGLC) in Toronto.

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Long drive must-haves for young families

Summer is here! It’s the season for long drives, beach trips, and adventures.

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Firestone comeback: better quality tires at better price

How does one really decide on what tire to buy, all being round, black, and made of rubber.

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Don’t be a victim on the road

Quick question: What would you do if some attacked you in your car? Would you just cower and try to speed away, or will you bring out your inner Jackie Chan and karate chop your attackers?

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Romantic Valentines date ideas for car nuts

It’s Valentines! Love makes people do things that are crazy. Remember the Trojan war where Prince Paris fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Troy? Her husband Agamemnon retaliated by bringing the whole of Greece including the famous Achilles and Odysseus to decimate the Trojan race.

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Driving situations women fear

When I was 16, I learned how to drive under the instruction of my father and older brother. I didn’t go to any driving school, but I learned how to drive.

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Seven things a Chicdriven woman needs for Christmas

More and more are expected from us women. From just being homemakers, we have become CEOs, soldiers, inventors, entrepreneurs and leaders of nations.

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32 positive thoughts about driving in the Philippines

Let’s face it; it would have been easier for me to write about 32 things we hate about driving in the Philippines. The list might even reach a thousand.

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Babae kasi

How many times did you ever use the title of this column to answer a variety of question:

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Jun 20, 2018

In today’s automotive scene, the market is slowly becoming more focused. The biggest segment belongs to the A and

Jun 20, 2018

The International Engine of the Year Awards have space for both innovation and enthusiasm.

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