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Get a closer look at your future PU ride

JEEPNEY MAKEOVER Isuzu and Centro’s version of the PUV,
the 20-seater NHR-55.

That “PU” isn’t the start of a crisp expletive. It stands for “public utility,” and it has a lot to do with the sitting president’s directive to modernize the country’s public transport system.

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Be fit to drive this summer: 7 tips for your car, and your body

The Holy Week break, and that long out-of-town drive, may be over. But by no means does that signal you to be less careful behind the wheel.

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The 5 vaguest traffic violations, and why you must question them no end


If you’ve been driving in the streets of Metro Manila for some time, you’ve probably been apprehended at least once for any or a combination of these violations: “Overspeeding” or “speeding,” “swerving,” “abrupt lane change,” and “reckless driving.” And you’ve most likely paid dearly for that when you retrieve your confiscated license. But a legal […]

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Let this not be your last summer

It’s the one week millions upon millions of Pinoy Catholics have been waiting for all year: the Lenten break.

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Virtual to real : 12 steps for kids to survive the streets

You visit a motor show to get selfie close with cars that convey their “fast and furious” nature. You want to get immersed in cutting-edge automotive technologies. You want to touch their superbly designed metal bodies, open their doors, and enter the comfort of their cabins, and somehow imagine yourself out in the open highways behind the wheels of these beautiful cars on display.

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10 ways to squeeze out of traffic

Traffic congestion along Edsa —INQUIRER PHOTO/RICHARD A. REYES

In 1986, when Cory Aquino became President of a newly restored Philippine democracy, there were perhaps more people amassed on Edsa for that historic bloodless revolution than the 1.8 million motor vehicles registered in the country.

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Northern Luzon in a Navara

Crossing a stream in Adams

  Photos by Tessa R. Salazar   Hey, city dwellers, read my pouty lips: If you drive your slick and shiny pickups solely in the city, you’re doing a great disservice to the vehicle.   It’s like you kept a wild animal caged in your living room just to make the poor thing a conversation […]

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Adamant Eve

Eve Joring: A girl in a man’s job

February 14 is customarily a red-letter day for many singles out to share their hearts with that significant other—over an intimate dinner, perhaps, with gentle talk and soft music.

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Stricter enforcement of LTO registration policies gives rise to finger-pointing

With so many new cars sold over the past year, even the registration paperwork seems to have amassed a huge backlog, giving rise to the motoring public’s apprehensions over rulings by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) that years before were either ignored or taken for granted.

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From D-max to ‘D-Makiling’

More than 5 hectares have already been planted by IPC.

When automakers say they’re “paving the way” for more motorized vehicles to roll in, they most likely mean it literally.

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Apr 26, 2017

Here are some easy and practical tips to keep motoring free and easy as the summer heat continues to