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Kia Sportage GT Line: amazing value at the top of the class

Korean cars like the KIA Sportage are not just about value-for-money, but great style and advanced technology as well.

When I first laid eyes on the Kia Sportage, I thought it just looked amazingly gorgeous.

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MINI Cooper S 5-door is more practical, but just as fun

MINI, together with its parent company BMW, is a master of creating more niches and sub-classes. The MINI Cooper 5-door is a perfect example, an answer to a question nobody seemingly asked. It looks quite awkward too, and begs the question: how do you differentiate and segregate between this and the Clubman?

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Toyota adds ‘sporty’ to Corolla Altis nameplate

No one can argue with the outstanding success of the Toyota Corolla: 45 million units sold worldwide as of 2016, its 50th year anniversary.

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Volkswagen Tiguan: ferocity of a tiger, agility of an iguana

Browsing through online sites, I found an interesting anecdote about the Volkswagen Tiguan. Its name is an amalgamation of sorts: tiger and iguana.

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Cruising with the second-generation BMW X1

Asian Carmakers Corp. president Maricar Parco and marketing chief Karl Magsuci with the motoring media participants

The second-generation BMW X1 is what BMW calls an SAV (sports activity vehicle), and it has come of age. Now more chiseled and muscular, the new X1’s rugged proportions impose a more powerful presence on the road, and as the youngest member of the family, its dynamic lines stayed true to its X family roots. […]

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Ride your wild Mustang horses

The exterior design is more athletic, with a lower remodeled hood and grille.

In the automotive landscape, there is nothing more “Murica” as the pony car. And nothing represents the segment better than Ford’s iconic Mustang. Launched in April 17 of 1964, the Mustang is the blue oval’s most popular car that has remained in constant production for over five decades, and this popularity doesn’t seem like it […]

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Bali on the right Trax

A trip to Bali or watch a Coldplay concert? That was the dilemma that I faced two weeks ago when I received an invitation from Chevrolet Philippines.

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BMW 2-Series Active Tourer: the ultimate driver’s MPV

When BMW launched the BMW X5 SAV, BMW’s first properly raised luggage hauler, many a BMW purist cried foul, saying it betrayed the brand’s values and heritage. Yet, BMW had seen the writing on the wall.

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Peugeot 3008 SUV: 2017 European Car of the Year

As a most pleasant coup, the Peugeot 3008 won the 2017 European Car of the Year Award. This has led to some favorable problems as Peugeot is suddenly a victim of its own success, struggling to produce enough units of the admittedly highly impressive 3008 SUV from its Sochaux-Montbeliard factory, the second most technologically advanced factory in Europe, second only to the Airbus factory in Toulouse.

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Northern Luzon in a Navara

  Photos by Tessa R. Salazar   Hey, city dwellers, read my pouty lips: If you drive your slick and shiny pickups solely in the city, you’re doing a great disservice to the vehicle.   It’s like you kept a wild animal caged in your living room just to make the poor thing a conversation […]

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Jul 19, 2017

The Filipino public utility riding vehicle community has been in an uproar of late due to the government’s decision

Jul 12, 2017

Stuttgart and June means the International Engine of the Year Awards, and this year marked some things that stayed

Jul 05, 2017

A few weeks ago, we went to the land of salmon and maple syrup, Canada. Specifically, British Colombia.