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4,000 sold cars later, the Ciaz lives up to frugal fuel promise

Despite being an unassuming Japanese brand, Suzuki has managed to conquer a certain kind of Filipino car owner: the practical motorist whose number one priority is fuel economy and ease of maintenance costs.

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Suzuki Ciaz: Roomy, refined ride without the lavish price tag

  Photos by Charles E. Buban   Sometimes it is rewarding to arrive late in the game. Late entrants have the advantage of forming a better picture of the “battlefield,” have more time to learn through the experiences of those who came ahead, and in some cases, discover what they might have missed. Innovative new […]

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Summer car launches invade the provinces

IT SEEMS Metropolitan Manila isn’t big enough to host the flurry of activities automobile manufacturers have packed in the month before the long Lenten break. And so, the summer action has spilled onto provinces near and far.

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Mar 21, 2018

There’s a lot to like about Audis in general: handsome design both inside and out, an airy cabin, comfortable

Mar 21, 2018

How does one really decide on what tire to buy, all being round, black, and made of rubber.

Mar 07, 2018

A reader recently asked why we weren’t going deep into the technical as much lately. He was referring to