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Mini races from one extreme to another

A week after revealing a plug-in electric concept, Mini has taken the wraps off another exciting showcar: the John Cooper Works GP Concept.

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‘BIG’ Mini Countryman conquers Thai countryside

There’s no reason that a MINI Cooper, renowned for being compact and nimble, should be big. Unless you want to carry more stuff and people, in which case MINI has you covered, too.

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Mini PH launches all-new Countryman SUV

When we drove the first MINI Countryman years ago, we were expecting not to like it.

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MINI Cooper interprets the shooting brake in the 2016 Clubman

Introduced by MINI Cooper in 2007, the MINI Clubman is presented this year as the premium British brand’s version of the shooting brake. (See sidebar article, “What is a shooting brake?”)

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Mini is the max: the miniscule car delivers peak driving pleasure

MINIATURIZATION is a good measure of how much technology and expertise have advanced, gauged by how much something can deliver in terms of capability and performance, while reducing its size to the bare minimum. The Mini has always been the poster car of that philosophy, and has been no less than iconic in terms of […]

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Big-time Mini abilities highlighted in Cebu trackday

CEBUANOS recently got a first-hand look while logging time in the driver’s seat of Mini’s delightful Countryman, three-door and five-door hatch, via the exciting Mini driving experience, the first time such an activity was held in the Queen City of the South last Aug. 8-9. Close to 100 people had a chance to get behind […]

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BMW maxes the MINI

During the years after BMW relaunched the MINI Cooper brand in 2001, some 2.4 million units were sold worldwide. For the third or 2014 iteration of the MINI Cooper, BMW was faced with the challenge of growing it into a more refined, roomier, more comfortable and safer hatchback without sacrificing its driving responsiveness, funky individualism and go-kart handling.

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Mini Cooper: can drive at fifty-five

The start of August has been a busy month for MINI in the country and in the Asean region.

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Pinoy pride and joy: two Filipino BMW executives move up the ladder

This July saw two Filipino BMW executives moving up the corporate ladder at the regional level. Earlier this month, Peter Medalla, or “Sunny” to his friends, was promoted to be the first Filipino executive to head the regional office of Mini in Asia. Medalla met up with some Philippine motoring journalists today who were covering […]

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Cebu gets a taste of the Mini style

The Mini Cooper, undeniably one of the coolest-looking small cars ever, is expected to be a big hit in Cebu.

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Apr 18, 2018

Back in late 2003, I saw a message posted on one of the popular automotive forums asking if someone

Apr 11, 2018

A recent discussion in an online group we had concerned the modes available in modern cars.

Apr 04, 2018

Summer is here! It’s the season for long drives, beach trips, and adventures.