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Three concept vehicles for Honda at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Honda launched no less than three new concept vehicles and unveiled the full lineup of the second generation Clarity sedan for regular production and distribution at this year’s 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

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Stranger wheels

Manila motorists are quite used to horror stories. They experience one every single day, crawling through life-sapping, IQ-diminishing traffic. But things could be worse.

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Xpander will be worth the wait

Okazaki, Japan—Itching to buy a compact 7-seater multipurpose vehicle (MPV)? Well, don’t scratch that itch just yet.

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Subaru chief says inspections were flawed, like Nissan’s

TOKYO — The head of Japanese automaker Subaru bowed deeply in apology Friday as the company admitted that it has been carrying out flawed inspections of its Japan-made cars for years.

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BMW Ph to unveil 2 series Gran Tourer

BMWs have always been about sporting luxury. The company’s roots are in sport sedans and coupes, and it has successfully translated that ultimate driving machine formula to other segments such as sport utility vehicles.

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Caltex Havoline empowers urban riders

Constant traffic jams and gasoline price hikes have turned people’s attention to motorcycles. Riding in motorbikes has become a smarter way of traveling distances than just being a mere adrenaline rush.

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Foton PH introduces automatic Toplander

The mid-size SUV market is one of the most competitive and strongest segments in the ever-growing automotive industry.

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’76 low rider, American re-made

To many car buffs, there is no sweeter sound on earth than the deep-throated rumble of a V8 engine.

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Tips on modifications and accessorizing

Lately, the local government of Quezon City has been apprehending motorists with questionable modifications, particularly LED lights and flashing lights or winkers of any sort.

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Honda CR-V: Once (and future?) king

Keeping the top slot as an automotive bestseller is a tough job. Even in a particular category, preferences can change rapidly.

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Nov 15, 2017

Isuzu, in its commitment to provide the cleanest possible diesel powertrains in the country, has released their latest diesel