32 songs ultimate long-drive playlist


To go on a long drive with close friends and good music is one of life’s purest pleasures.

The “friends” part is all on you, but here’s a 32-song playlist to help you out with the “music” part, in honor of Inquirer’s 32nd anniversary.

I kept it to songs by local artists, spanning the 70s and 80s to 2017.

It’s completely subjective and far from exhaustive, but it’s enough to get you started, if you’re wondering what to play on your next road trip.

Happy driving!

1. “Overdrive”

By Eraserheads

Too obvious, but singing “Gusto kong matutong mag-drive (kahit na wala akong kotse!) while driving is a thrill like no other.

2. “Beer”

By Itchyworms

Best to keep the alcohol in a song, and these guys wrote the definitive drinking ditty that also works inside a moving vehicle.

3. “On My Way”

By Wonggoys

If you haven’t heard the songs of the Cebuano brothers, this one sounds like it was literally made for a road trip.

4. “Tuloy Pa Rin”

By Labuyo

The Neocolours version is pretty good, too.

5. “Picture Picture”

By Tanya Markova

Because what’s a road trip without snapshots?

6. “Ewan”

By Apo Hiking Society

They produced a ton of hits, but this one just feels right for a long drive.

Imagine how fun it is to belt out, “Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola” at the top of your lungs with your friends.

7. “Ulan”

By Rivermaya

“Elesi” and “Kisapmata” could work, too, but I keep coming back to this very early hit.

If you’re a certain age, it’ll definitely take you back.

8. “Ang Aking Awitin”

By Side A

What’s a road trip without a love song? The original is by Bong Gabriel, but the Side A version turns it into an even dreamier ballad.

9. “Keep Dancing”

By Caffeine and Taurine

One of the newer tracks in this playlist transforms the car into a dance floor.

10. “Cool Ka Lang”

By Prettier Than Pink

Over 20 years later, it’s still snappy as hell. (And the message is apt, too, especially for drivers.)

11. “Kaleidescope World

By Francis M.

All I can say is, bless the great Master Rapper for giving the world this song.

12. “Yugto”

By Rico Blanco

Rico Blanco’s first single as a solo artist is a mishmash of different styles and influences, but try blasting it on the way to a surf trip or to Baguio, and it just makes sense.

13. “Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin”

By Kitchie Nadal

Unless you’re talking about directions, then you really have to say something.

14. “Beep Beep”

By Juan Dela Cruz

I mean, come on. The driver is honking for your attention.

15. “Kahit Na”

By Bridge

Johnoy Danao was part of a band, once upon a time, and this song is as feel-good as it gets.

16. “Never Stop”

By Over October

Just a nice, catchy pop song. (You have to stop sometime, though.)

17. “Betamax”

By Sandwich

“Wala pa nung CD or DVD, meron lang, Betamax.” Thank heavens for Spotify.

18. “Perfect”

By True Faith

Medwin’s ode to a faultless entity is still breezy and fun to listen to after all these years.

19. “Hataw Na”

By Gary V.

What, you want to listen to “Natutulog ba ang Diyos?” during the drive?

20. “Oo”


They’ve written so many other crazy-good songs, but this old hit is still as potent a drive-along song as ever.

21. “With A Smile”

By Eraserheads

You can never listen to too many Eraserheads songs on a road trip.

22. “Habulan”

By Sound

This one, from one of my absolute favorite OPM bands, can go from the car to the beach and anywhere else in between.

23. “One Night Boogie”

By Rob and the Hitmen

One listen to this funky, groovy track and you’ll know the future of OPM is in good hands.

24. “Halik ni Hudas”

By Wolfgang

When you’re falling asleep at the wheel, Basti and company will wake you up, for sure.

25. “Torete”

By Moonstar 88

On the flipside, if you need to take down the adrenalin levels a notch or two, Acel’s voice should do the trick.

26. “Much Has Been Said”

By Bamboo

Bamboo (the band) slowed it down for their sophomore release, and this track is perfect during sundown or the last 10 or so minutes to your destination.

27. “Exploration Number 5”

By Reese Lansangan

The quirky singer-songwriter has written songs about grammar nazis and Mean Girls, but if you’re “exploring” new frontiers or revisiting old haunts, this one is appropriate.

28. “Burnout”

By Sugarfree

Because you gotta have a Sugarfree song in any OPM or road trip playlist.

29. “Mangarap Ka”

By Afterimage

Dream of the next long drive with these 90s superstars.

30. “Days and Nights”

By Orange and Lemons

The recently reformed band has a ton of road trip-worthy songs, but this one isn’t just a crowd favorite, it’s just so easy to listen to.

31. “Salamat”

By The Dawn

Thank god for music, for friends and for cars.

32. “Pare Ko”

By Eraserheads

See number 21.

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