Romantic Valentines date ideas for car nuts


It’s Valentines! Love makes people do things that are crazy. Remember the Trojan war where Prince Paris fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Troy? Her husband Agamemnon retaliated by bringing the whole of Greece including the famous Achilles and Odysseus to decimate the Trojan race.

There was King Henry VIII, who wanted to divorce his first wife to marry the younger Anne Boleyn. This love affair resulted in the King being excommunicated by the Vatican, and England having a new religion. But he did marry Anne Boleyn (mother of Elizabeth I), and made her queen for three years before she was beheaded.

So you get it, love is a big thing—and for some, it is the most important thing.

If you are racking your brains for some romantic ideas to do this upcoming Valentine, here are some suggestions.

1. Fill his or her car with flowers.

An aromatic display of a car full of flowers speaks volumes of love. Red roses are the most common choice because it represents burning passion. Just be careful not to stain the seat covers.

2. Stargaze from the back of your pickup truck.

Set up the back of your pickup truck into a makeshift picnic area—complete with champagne, cold cuts, grapes, and cheese.

You can opt to do this in Quezon City, and just in case you get carried away, you are not breaking any laws.

3. Get engaged.

In this age of promposals, save the date videos and other special event announcements for a social media posting.

Whipping up an engagement ring after a nice date will feel unexpected. Or you can go ballistic with a flash mob on the intersection and full of photo, video and drone documentation.

4. Be his or her chauffeur for the day.

Before, challenging someone to a duel was romantic. In the modern age, saving someone from driving in traffic and looking for parking is good enough.

Be at your significant other’s beck and call, and experience a “Pretty Woman” kind of happily ever after.

5. Order an Uber ride with flowers on his/her every stop.

If you’re the busy person or not in the country, this is another way to play chauffeur for the day. Although this would require a lot of coordination and stalking, the kilig factor is way above the roof.

6. Get married.

When I asked my friends what the most romantic thing they did in a car, one answered they got married/or renewed their vows in the back of a pink Cadillac in Vegas. Gives another meaning to hitching a ride.

7. Rent a stretch limo for a night out of town.

Feel like a teenager on prom night? Cruise along Edsa for the exciting cityscape or Roxas Boulevard for the famous Manila sunset.

Be sure to have some heart-shaped chocolates and champagne on hand to keep you boozed up once you get stuck in traffic.

8. Give a surprise car makeover.

People whose language of love translates to “acts of service,” they can give their loved one’s car an overhaul.

It can be as simple as changing the oil, tires or spark plugs to having it painted or foiled to another color.

To add more drama, pretend that the car has been carnapped. Just make sure the makeover is quite significant because they might think it’s not worth the stress and send you to jail.

9. A car with a red bow.

A surefire way that will get lots of loving this Valentines is to give your significant other a car. what else can I say??

As a bonus, if budget and time is an issue, you can always do a rom-com movie marathon inside your car with Chicken Joy and spaghetti while suffering the 3-4 hour Edsa traffic on Feb 14. As they say, “sa Edsa, #mayforever.”

Thank you to Tin San Juan, Francis Aguila, Ron Castro, Paul Lomax, Fritz Juan, Carlo Claudio, Botchi Santos and Avie Barrientos for the ideas.

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