PAWI launches Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheels


Michael S. Rojas, PAWI president, introduces the Rota 360 degree Flow Forged wheel, which is lighter, denser, and more durable than our high quality gravity cast wheels.

Lighter, tougher, stronger: those are the qualities of forged alloy wheels, versus their cast wheel counterparts. They’re also why forged wheels are much sought after, given these advantages.

However, there’s also the matter of cost, as relatively few manufacturers are capable of producing forged alloy wheels. The process is more complex and requires additional machinery and manufacturing prowess.

The Philippines is about to join the ranks of forged wheel manufacturers. Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc. (PAWI), better known by its brand name, Rota Wheels, introduced its new 360-degree Flow Forged wheels at this year’s Manila Interntional Auto Show (MIAS).

The Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheels are made through a process called flow forging, a first for the Philippines.

The process involves starts by gravity casting virgin ingots of high-grade aluminum. These are heated and spun to form the wheel.

The flow forging process reportedly combines the elements of making a cast wheel and a forged wheel, making the final product lighter and stronger than a cast wheel.

For example, a cast wheel might have a 5-mm wall thickness, versus a forged wheel’s 4 mm, with the forged wheel having the advantage in strength and durability.

The reduced mass due to the forging process allows for less unsprung weight, or weight that resides at the wheels themselves. This provides advantages to the vehicle’s handling characteristics.

“We are very excited to introduce the Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheel,” said Michael S. Rojas, PAWI president. “Our new wheel is lighter, denser, and more durable than our high quality gravity cast wheels. And because it’s Rota, it’s very affordable too.”

Rota reports that, as with all of its wheels, the 360-degree Flow Forged wheels have undergone a battery of vigorous testing. These include impact, cornering and radial tests carried out on the wheels to ensure a high caliber of quality the company has been known for, and to give customers peace of mind.

These testing methods follow international standards, as Rota wheels are designed and made for the export market.

The Rota 360-degree Flow Forged line will be available soon, both locally and in foreign markets.

Established in 1976, PAWI is the proud manufacturer of Rota Wheels, and has long been in the business of manufacturing wheels for both OEM and aftermarket applications.

Over 1,000 wheels are made in PAWI’s factories daily under the watchful eyes of over 300 employees.

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