The BMW X2: Mom- and son-tested



When my son Arthur was younger, we would joke around saying that he would probably end up driving an old racecar-turned-streetcar when he reaches 18.

We had a slew of race cars from Hondas, Mazdas, Fords, Toyotas, and BMWs, but his not-so-secret wish was to have a BMW, even a hand-me-down. Instead, he was given a pickup truck.

Having the BMW X2 for a test drive a few weeks ago, made me think that this is a car that I would consider giving to a college student if money was no object.

We all know that compact SUVs and crossovers have a certain appeal in my demographics (women, moms, not a fan of parking).

Cars like these also have a practical appeal to parents who want to equip their children with a practical yet stylish car.

About the BMW X2

The BMW X2 is special because it is the first ever made by BMW. For those not familiar with the brand models’ numbers, those with even numbers are coupés.

The X2 looks like a typical crossover, but because of its coupé design, it feels more compact with less headspace.

Inside, however, you will be surprised with the cabin size and legroom. I also love the size of the trunk which was easy to open, and has a touch-button closing feature.

The X2 had a signature detail such as wheel arches with a squared-off look to match the standard 19-inch M light alloy wheels, striking exhaust tailpipes, and accentuated side skirts, not to mention an elegant roofline, smooth lines, and slim window graphic.

It also has the familiar trapezoidal kidney grille, which for the first time for modern BMWs, broadens at the bottom.

Capping off its uniqueness is seven stunning exterior paint shades including two new colors, namely Misano Blue and Galvanic Gold.

Inside the peerless BMW, a twinpower turbo diesel engine and powertrain produce an output of 190 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Nm.

It also comes with the xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive and the eight-speed Steptronic Sports transmission to enhance handling and responsive gear shifting.


Son: The car was more reactive in terms of its steering, acceleration, and braking—making it less tiring to drive.

Even on rocky and uneven terrain (the asphalt on our village roads were being replaced), the ride was not as jarring as driving my pickup, although this is not apples to apples.

I know now why this luxury car is worth its price.

I tried accelerating to test how the car felt at a higher speed. I underestimated how reactive the car handled, and realized that with this car, even the slightest steering wheel adjustment can put me on the next lane.

The car felt so compact and responsive that it reminded me of my go-karting days.

Mom: The car was compact and agile that it was easy to drive—quite a solid drive. It drove as a proper BMW should. Great entry-level SUV.


Son: The sleeker car shape and smaller size could be felt while driving, as it was quick to maneuver through smaller spaces, especially in parking situations.

Mom: Typical crossover that looks like a sedan given a lift.

Seeing it make me made me think of the old 1 series with its rounded style cues. Styling was different from other current BMWs.

It is refreshing to see the brand go in a new direction.

On-board electronics

Son: The iDrive system was easy to use due to the controller knob, which is present in most BMW units.

The speaker system worked perfectly, and access to Bluetooth is simple even when pairing the car with a device for the first time.

Mom: I usually have a hard time pairing my phone to BMWs of previous models, but I agree, this was quite idiot-proof.


Son: The upholstery felt odd at first touch, but I was surprised how comfortable despite how stiff the seat felt.

The leather used for the steering wheel was also quite impressive, as I could feel my hands gliding over it as I was driving.

Aside from the pleasant feeling, I could also adjust the wheel much quicker

Mom: My experience with the BMW X2 was riding in the back. The seat felt quite upright for my taste. But the driver’s seat almost felt like a bucket seat.

The black leather with red trim did give a sporty vibe, but I am still not decided about the scale-like carbon fiber trim.

The cabin is surprisingly spacious since the car looks really compact. It also has a very generous boot space, and touch button close.

The BMW X2 retails at P4.39 million.

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