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Everybody loves a comeback story, and Monday morning saw one of the greatest ones in golf history. Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, marking his first PGA Tour win in five years.

The news caused the golf world to go wild, and even casual followers of the sport to take notice. Even America’s golfer-in-chief, Donald Trump, was intently watching and Tweeting about Woods’ performance, and apparently left late for his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe because of the tournament.

Tiger Woods was—and probably still is—the biggest name in golf. He joined a sport that used to be associated mainly with middle-aged white guys and made it popular and cool.

His skill and photogenic family life earned him a full scorecard of endorsements.

Raking in more than $100 million per year at the peak of his career, Woods was the first athlete to top $1 billion in earnings.

Then came the downfall. A car crash near his home pried open a troubled history of cheating on his wife and family with multiple women.

The revelations ravaged his endorsement deals—and his game. The next few years were also an uphill battle with debilitating back pain.

Woods has only been associated with cars for the odd reason, actually two infamous incidents: the quarrel with his wife that resulted in him crashing his Cadillac Escalade into a tree, and being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs after falling asleep behind the wheel of a Mercedes S65 AMG.

So, now that he is once again on top of the golfing world, and within reach of several records and juicy endorsement deals, he can enjoy some pleasure behind the wheel again, and build better memories of motoring.

Here are some suggestions as to what he might like:

Nissan Terra: The Terra makes use of Nissan’s zero gravity seats that take their design from the natural position of the human body in zero gravity.

This “neutral spinal posture” allows for the least stress on the body’s joints and bones. Zero gravity seats reportedly provide better support for the human body, particularly the back—just the thing Tiger Woods needs as his back continues to recover.

BMW 5 Series Touring: Among golf enthusiasts, the measure of a car’s trunk space has been the number of golf bags it can carry.

One of the best midsize cars around, the BMW 5 Series, happens to have a wagon, aka Touring version. With an even larger cargo bay than the sedan, the Touring will surely have enough space for the golf bags of Woods and his posse.

Jaguar I-Pace: For going around the neighborhood quietly this time, there’s no better option than an electric car.

Jaguar’s upcoming I-Pace will fit the bill for Tiger Woods, with its stunningly stylish exterior. Its local emissions-free technology also supports Woods’ renewed clean, friendlier image.

Subaru Outback: Subaru’s EyeSight system helps monitor the road ahead, and can even brake the car when it detects an obstacle ahead.

Just the thing you need if you’re keeping an eye on the rear view mirror, where your Swedish model wife is chasing after you with a golf club.

Honda CR-V: When you’re not in the best condition to drive, you shouldn’t be driving at all, but in case you do find yourself tired or sleepy behind the wheel, Honda’s Driver attention monitor can help.

It can deliver an alert if it finds dubious steering inputs and other signs that the driver is drowsy or inattentive.

Buick Enclave: Tiger Woods was the pitchman for the 2008 Enclave model, appearing in a series of ads to promote GM’s midsize SUV.

Woods might want to consider updating his ad. An added advantage is that Buick and the Enclave are doing well in the world’s biggest car market, China.

Porsche Macan: The Porsche Carrera GT is one blistering fast supercar, but it is also notoriously difficult to drive under less than perfect conditions. Woods reportedly found this out himself after purchasing one, and he promptly returned it.

He can opt for a Porsche model that’s still sporting to drive, but with much more accessible limits. And since he likes hanging out with his family, the Macan may be the perfect Porsche. Just like him, it too is named after a tiger.

Tesla Model 3-Since Tiger Woods’ story is particularly poignant because of its comeback aspect, so too might another entity struggling to make it and enticingly come close to succeeding.

Tesla boss Elon Musk might see in Woods some of his struggles to break the mold and silence all naysayers, if not his fondness for hallucinogenic substances. So, Woods just might be the perfect spokesman for the make-or-break Model 3.

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