33 things women should know about men, cars and driving

By Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason Philippine Daily Inquirer December 05,2018


For Inquirer’s 33rd year anniversary, our dear editor wanted us to write something that our readers will learn something from. Having been with Inquirer for almost six years, I have learned a lot about cars and driving but also the men that dominate this world.

We often hear cars and women together in this world, but men have more similarities with their chosen steed. You’re probably expecting a lot of hugot lines, but instead I have opted to ask my friends and colleagues some golden nuggets of wisdom they would give to their daughters about the chosen topic. I also added some realizations I feel is worth sharing.

1) Some women really like cars.
2) Some men don’t.
3) Sometimes with Men there is #mayforever, with cars there is none.
4) But there are some men that try to make #mayforever with their cars work or maybe #cantmoveon (a.k.a. vintage collectors).
5) Beauty is subjective, that is why there are different cars and someone will buy them.
6) Cars don’t get better with age. Better change every 4-5 years so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of maintenance.
7) When you turn your car or men on, make sure it or he returns the favor. (Uzzi Asunscion/ Subaru)
8) First thing you need to learn is to stop. Always be in control. (Pia Boren, lady Drifter/ Racer).
9) Speed may be flashy and glamorous, but responsibility and reliability are what you need in the Long Haul. (Steven Edward Yu/Motoring journalist)
10) Slow down and observe. (Aliya Parcs/ Performer).
11) Choosing a man is like buying a car, let the rest drive your secondhand but always be the first owner. (Joyce Ramirez/ public relations)
12) You lose 20% of the value of the car the moment you drive it out of the dealership.
13) Drinking and driving will never, ever, mix.
14) Driving well is not exclusive to men. So, don’t accept the stereotype.
15) The Peugeot Traveler Van has an outlet that can accommodate a hair dryer and some of their cars have a cool box where you can put your make-up kit in, without worrying it will go bad.
16) Putting eyeliner at the back of any pick up won’t work no matter how steady your hands are.
17) Parking back up camera is love. Birds eye view parking camera is life.
18) You can never buy a new dress without new shoes; same with car, if you buy a new one, you must buy magwheels.
19) Not everyone with a supercar is rich. They might not even own it.
20) Not everyone who put good deeds on Facebook with their expensive car as background is sincere.
21) Some Men really like to wake up early Sunday morning to drive and to have a cup of coffee. They can’t eat brunch on the risk of upsetting their wives, if they do not participate during the family’s lunch.
22) Use your head; don’t trust your emotions specially when Driving. (Louis Ramirez/ Race car driver)
23) Class does not automatically come with owning an expensive car.
24) Men are bigger gossips than women.
25) Lexus Cars engage the electric handbrake when you put the car in park, making it Idiot Proof.
26) Japanese cars have the best back seat Angle/ incline.
27) The fancier they get, the higher the maintenance value – physically, emotionally, and financially. So, choose wisely. (Ira Panganiban/Journalist)
28) You can adjust the steering wheel of your car to give you a better and more comfortable hand position while driving.
29) Save the Motolite car battery delivery hotline on your phone.
30) There is an option to get home safely with your car if you think you are too drunk to drive. Dial 16911 for Lifeline Ambulance, they will drive your car home with you in a convoy.
31) Drinking coffee will not make you less intoxicated and it takes 1 hour to metabolize 1 alcoholic drink.
32) Driving is a privilege not a right. Get educated in road safety and treat pedestrians and other road users with respect. (JP Tuason – Race car Driver)
33) Cars don’t define men or your success. It’s okay to be independent or different and there is nothing wrong with walking. (Arlene De Guzman/ Civil Servant/ Mother of 3)

Happy Anniversary Inquirer!

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