Feng shui tips for the Year of the Metal Rat

By Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason Philippine Daily Inquirer January 22,2020

If predictions prove true, 2020 would finally be a lucky year for motoring and allied industries. After some not-so-good years, the Year of the Metal Rat would usher in brighter days for the industry.

What’s in it for us consumers?

Good thing we also have feng shui for cars. I am not Chinese, but I have been practicing feng shui for about 15 years now. It doesn’t hurt to believe in something that will channel the cosmic forces, right?

I asked my feng shui expert, Master Aldric Dalumpines, and here are some of his tips.

Lucky colors

The luckiest color is white. You can’t go wrong with a white car or vehicle. This is also applicable for contractors or any business that uses any car. You can repaint backhoes, dump trucks, etc. For those who have cars in different colors, you now have a good reason to have them wrapped.

Other alternatives but with lesser luck levels are metal colors such as gold, silver, and black. Colors you need to avoid are the natural opposites of metal, which are green, which signifies wood or earth, red for fire, and universally blue as it leads to moneyed problems and crises. Please don’t confuse the lucky feng shui color with the Pantone color of the year, which is blue.

Signs that need extra help

As a practice, the sign of the year is usually not advantageous on that lunar year. Along with the rat, horses are also in need of more lucky charms this year.

Famous Rats include Scarlet Johansson, Prince Harry (well we know how his year is going), Katy Perry, and William Shakespeare.

For those born under this zodiac, you can download an Arowana photo and make it your phone’s background photo or your car’s head unit if the option is available.

Master Aldric said if you have a car with a horse logo, it will be best not to use them all the time or cover their logos for a year. But I thought if you have a car with a horse logo, you probably had so much feng shui luck already.

For those who have Mickey Mouse plush toys, please keep them in hiding. Be aware of the food and other items that you keep in your car that has a horse or rat logo. Another thing to avoid is to have man-eating cat symbols lions, tigers, etc.

Lucky charms

This year is a lucky year for Red Bull Racing. So having an image of a bull or ox is advantageous. It can be as simple as a sticker or keychain or even a plush toy of Inquirer’s carabao mascot Guyito.

If you are given a chance to choose car plates, try to avoid number 4, which means death and 7, which means quarrels. If you have those in your car, Master Aldric said to counteract this by putting a sticker of 168 in Chinese characters that you can copy or buy online.

Having those items does not ensure avoidance of accidents if you really are courting it. If you want to have a lucky year on the road, it will be a combination of defensive driving and being smart. Even if you put 168 stickers in your car or a bull stuffed toy, but you are driving under the influence or not following traffic rules, I think your lucky bull doll will say bullS@#T.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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