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2018 Subaru Car Challenge: 12 time’s a charm

The Philippine team

Every year since 2001, Motor Image Enterprises of Singapore, together with its subsidiaries all over the Asean region, hold the Subaru Car Challenge in the city state of Singapore.

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Ssang Yong Tivoli XLV 1.6 ELX 4×4 A/T

Today we are spoilt for choice in the automotive industry. We have so many brands now present in the country, with so many models and corresponding variants. This is good, a sign of a developing market that is both sophisticated and demanding, seeking the most out of their purchase.

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The state of the automotive industry

If you’re into cars, working in the auto industry, drive a lot for work or pleasure, or are just cost-conscious, you know things aren’t looking good for the entire automotive industry. My colleague, Aida Sevilla-Mendoza has written an article in this same issue that shows the sales performance of the automotive industry and it’s quite depressing indeed, especially considering 2017 was the best year ever for the industry.

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Lexus NX300: Smooth and sporty

If there’s one vehicle in the Lexus line-up that I’ve been very curious about to try and enjoy, it has been the NX300. As much as I love low-slung rocket-sleds, sports cars and massive torque and horsepower, the reality is that such cars are only actually enjoyable to drive on early weekend mornings. When traffic is sparse and non-existent. And if and when I actually do wake-up. My current lifestyle (as with most professionals and adults) means loads upon loads of work, with weekends being the only respite. In the time that I do need to drive, I need to go far distances, usually driving for hours on end, ferrying people and / or precious cargo, through some poor roads and equally poor weather conditions. Indeed, a sports car makes little sense 99% of the time for me.

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Porsche E-Performance Nights in Sepang

By 2025, Porsche foresees that half their vehicle model range will be electric-powered, prompting the brand to invest heavily into the electrification of its automobiles. This electrification includes hybrids, plug-in-hybrids and full electric vehicles or EV’s.

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Modding is a crime

That’s what the Land Transportation Office, under Francis Ray Almora, Director for Law Enforcement in the agency will have us all believe in and be charged with. Because we love to modify, upgrade and personalize our cars.

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Tips on minimizing car break-ins in traffic

There has been a series of viral videos on social media showing people attempting to open doors of cars while stuck in traffic.

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Keeping safe driving habits

Everyday we get into our cars, start our engines and drive off without ever giving things much thought. While driving should feel natural, light and easy for everyone (through proper techniques), in reality, driving is a very conscious effort that requires much concentration, awareness and alertness.

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A90 Toyota Supra drive in Spain

Supra. The name in Latin loosely means “from the Heavens,” and has identified every single flagship rear-wheel drive sporting GT from Toyota since 1981, although Toyota’s sports car lineage traces further back all the way to the 2000GT from 1965.

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BMW 530d Luxury: castle on a cloud

In the 1990s, both the wife and I shared one automotive aspiration: the BMW 5-Series, or 5er, as the Germans would call this.

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Nov 07, 2018

Every year since 2001, Motor Image Enterprises of Singapore, together with its subsidiaries all over the Asean region, hold

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Volvo’s newest baby, the smart and chic Volvo XC40, made a special appearance at the fabulous Lifestyle Asia Power

Oct 24, 2018

Last week was a whirlwind of sorts for the offroading community. Members have gone from enjoying their vehicles and

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