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Ty, Dr. George, for the gift

THE YOUNG George Ty dreamt of opening a bank that would not only make money but give money away.

I didn’t get the chance to talk to Dr. George SK Ty. I only knew of him through the words and works of those who directly interacted with him.

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21 years from ‘point Baby Benz’ to ‘A-Class’

The son-and-father duo of Auto Nation Group: Francis and Felix Ang

It’s always fascinating to learn about the history of luxury automakers’ smaller, more affordable cars. Take, for example, Mercedes-Benz’s compact car. Would you believe that it took all of 21 years for this German marque to go from the W168, the first-generation of the A-Class, to the sleek, sophisticated, uber high-tech fourth generation A-Class that […]

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When ‘big brother’ doesn’t have your back

There is no such thing as the perfect car, nor the perfect assembly line. Even in this age of “unerring” automation, there’s that one bad apple that manages to slip through.

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Foton Toano: space for 15, or a limousine for 10?

toano limo

If you’re the type of person who loves to bring company along for long trips, vans should be your preferred ride.

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Vios Cup enjoys 400% viewership spike

WINNING BATCH. Vios Cup Season 5 winners of the Super Sporting Class, Sporting Class, Promotional Class and Celebrity Class

Toyota Motor Philippines put all speculations to rest when its president, Satoru Suzuki, announced in no uncertain terms the continuation of its motorsports program during the culmination night of the 5th season of the Vios Cup held Nov. 15.

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What I’d rather ride come Christmas ‘carmageddon’

Toyota’s i-Road

If you ask many car enthusiasts what their dream cars are, they would most likely mouth off the names and specs of the flashiest, fastest, the strongest, most bad-ass cars, trucks or SUVs ever made.

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TMP goes beyond the roar of cars

The Philippine Paralympic Committee receives P1 million.

If only this paper could generate the sound of a symphony orchestra, then you wouldn’t need to read this article.

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3 in 100 cars on loan get repossessed

You don’t really own a car until you’ve paid every cent for it. That’s the essence of taking out an auto loan from any financial institution. That’s why banks have the right to repossess a vehicle whose owners have defaulted on the payments.

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The monthly haunting of your unpaid car

It’s the stuff of horror stories, if you really think about it. What starts out as your dream of owning your first car becomes a reality, but then takes a turn for the worse. The cost of monthly mortgages, fuel, maintenance, and other related expenses pile up. You can’t outrun the “demons” hounding your ride, until your car becomes “re-possessed”. And at the end of this scary bad movie, you’re left with nothing but unsavory memories while you’re on your way to work in a public transport.

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A doc of the barrios and beyond

Last week was a whirlwind of sorts for the offroading community. Members have gone from enjoying their vehicles and their gear in the great outdoors, to wrangling their way through the suddenly “hostile” environs of the concrete jungle because of the sudden enforcement by Land Transportation Office (LTO) operatives of a six-decade-old law against allegedly unauthorized vehicle modifications, and then to the resulting online social media firestorm this issue has generated. Indeed, without even leaving the comforts of home, the people involved have become muddier than being in an actual offroad adventure, no thanks to all the mudslinging.

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Apr 17, 2019

Fresh from celebrating its milestone of selling its 1 millionth unit since the company’s foray into the country in

Apr 10, 2019

The display of a Hyundai Kona Electric at last week’s Manila International Automobile Show (MIAS), plus Nissan Philippines’ recent

Apr 03, 2019

I am a firm believer that traveling gives kids a wealth of learnings that is sometimes better than just

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