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Toplander power

Currently, the mid-size PPV (pickup platform vehicle) 7-seat SUV segment is dominated by Japanese brands (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and soon Nissan with the Navara-based Terra), followed by the Thai-American hybrids from Ford (Everest) and Chevrolet (Trailblazer, which shares its basic architecture with the Isuzu MU-X).

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The new Vios goes north

The subcompact sedan Vios is 15 years old in the Philippines. I was there when Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) debuted the car to the local motoring media in May 2003 with a TV ad showing pop star Britney Spears—then 22 years young—breaking into song, interspersed with glamor clips and angles of the Vios in motion.

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Ferrari’s Tour de ‘Four’s’

Ferrari distributor Autostrada Motore Inc. rarely schedules an extended test drive and when they do, it’s always something special. Keys to its white Ferrari V8 GTC4 Lusso T were handed to this writer and it will become one of those memorable drives that would be talked about again and again. The V12 variant of the […]

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Five things to love about the all-new 5th generation Forester

Motor Image, the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles across eight countries in Asia, officially unveiled the All-New Forester in Taichung, Taiwan.

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Subaru launches all-new Forester in Taiwan

TAICHUNG, Taiwan—Subaru, together with Motor Images Enterprises Inc., part of the Tan Chong International Limited Group and led by Glenn Tan, managing director, unveiled the latest Subaru Forester ES1 model to the Asean region motoring journalists.

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Taming the beast: what’s it like to drive the Ford Expedition

As a full-size SUV, the Ford Expedition is H-U-G-E. I can imagine being a high-flying tycoon or a corporate bigshot, sliding into the second row seat and taking an extended snooze while stuck in rush hour traffic. With all that space, I might as well be in a mobile home, cocooned in my not-so-little world, […]

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Toyota Rush raises the bar

It looks like a multipurpose vehicle, but Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) calls it an entry-level sport utility vehicle.

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The BMW X2: Mom- and son-tested

When my son Arthur was younger, we would joke around saying that he would probably end up driving an old racecar-turned-streetcar when he reaches 18.

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Raptor is the best medicine

Dust. There was dust on our faces, clothes, and shoes. If you cut open our lungs, dust would likely spill out. It was rust colored, as if we were standing on the surface of Mars.

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Honda Civic Type-R: driving Zen

In a world where over-specification is the name of the game and numbers are king, where mega-HP, over-tired (meaning, super-wide tires), massive aerodynamics, and electronic-this-and-that seem to be the norm, one car truly rises above them all: Honda’s all-new Civic Type-R. The modestly-sized 5-door hatchback won’t win the ladies over, thanks largely to its boy-racer, […]

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Oct 24, 2018

Last week was a whirlwind of sorts for the offroading community. Members have gone from enjoying their vehicles and

Oct 24, 2018

If you’re into cars, working in the auto industry, drive a lot for work or pleasure, or are just

Oct 10, 2018

Last weekend’s race proved to be on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting that I just had to write about it again.

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