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Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle finally goes on sale

harley-davidson, livewire

The 2020 LiveWire model, the electric motorcycle that Harley-Davidson announced back in 2014, is finally hitting the market this year.

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Honda advances wind-to-wheel initiative with electric scooter

Automotive giant Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is introducing an electric scooter that uses a portable battery charging system pilot tested in Romblon, which stores electricity generated from wind energy. Dubbed PCX Electric, the scooter can be installed with Honda’s Mobile Power Pack, which when used with the Mobile Power Pack, can harness renewable energy source […]

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Scooter firm gives moto sector a jolt

Motor vehicles are going electric and motorcycles are no exception. And one of the companies betting on the possibility that Filipinos will prefer the more environment-friendly electric scooters to their gasoline-powered counterparts is Taiwan-based Kwang Yang Motor Co. (Kymco). Recently, it unveiled its Ionex scooters, which can be charged every day, in the comfort of […]

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Saving the humble jeepney by going electric

Cebu’s Aboitiz Group, best known these days for its power interests, has had a keen interest in expanding in transport infrastructure. Unfortunately, the plan has been hampered by current government policies, which have made this initiative somewhat more restrictive than in the past. Good thing there’s the humble jeepney. An Aboitiz-led venture plans to unveil […]

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Rugged solar panels hit the road to power street lights

Rugged solar panels are currently being installed on the streets of a small town in Normandy, France, as a test run for eventual mass installation in various countries. While solar panels are still a little costly, they are not as expensive as before. This is thanks to the plummeting costs after a subsidiary of Bouygues SA developed […]

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Comet electric jeep debuts in Quezon City

The jeepney, once touted as a symbol of Filipino ingenuity, is now an embodiment of our transportation woes. Inefficient, uncomfortable, and a source of pollution, the jeepney is ripe for replacement. One candidate for its successor is pollution-free commuter vehicle unveiled during the Manila visit of US President Barack Obama in April. The electric vehicle, […]

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Nissan to electrify Le Mans with unique race car

Nissan will debut an electric race car in next year’s Le Mans 24 Hours. Appropriately, it has selected a graduate of its gamer-to-racer program to be its development driver: Spaniard Lucas Ordóñez. The Nissan ZEOD RC will hit the track next month for testing, with Ordóñez taking the wheel.   Looking like only half of […]

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Jan 23, 2019

We can't stress enough how vital it is to teach the younger generation to become disciplined road users.

Jan 23, 2019

In my 19 years of covering the motoring beat, I have encountered many disgruntled car buyers, some of whom

Jan 23, 2019

Audi is an automotive company truly driven by technology. It pioneered the first serial production performance all-wheel drive for

Jan 16, 2019

For a lot of people, there’ll be a new car this year, more than we’d like to realize and

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