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Bucking trend, Hyundai bets on hydrogen fuel cell for new car

Hyundai said it plans to sell the Nexo in California later this year, in a bet on hydrogen even as many rivals turn to battery power.

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Honda to test Mobile Power Pack battery in PH

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced plans to conduct demonstration testing of the Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger (“Exchanger”), a charging station unit designed for the utilization of the Honda Mobile Power Pack (“Mobile Power Pack”) detachable mobile battery. As a system that enables utilization of surplus electricity, Honda will install the Exchanger in the Romblon Island, Philippines. […]

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Getting your car ready for the rainy days

With summer coming to an end and the rains finally offering a cool respite from the intense heat, here are some car-care and maintenance tips to look into so that you’re best prepared to cope with driving in wet weather. It’s the same set of tips we’ve offered before, indeed, but it is something we all often overlook. You might save a few bucks doing away with these tips but they can make a huge difference on the road, especially with the heavy rains and flash floods we now experience on a regular basis.

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Mar 14, 2018

While I generally like cars to go fast, because they are more fun, I’m a huge fan of Shell

Mar 07, 2018

A reader recently asked why we weren’t going deep into the technical as much lately. He was referring to

Mar 07, 2018

Quick question: What would you do if some attacked you in your car? Would you just cower and try