Get piggy with it: What to look forward to in the Year of the Pig

By Jason K. Ang Philippine Daily Inquirer January 30,2019

Pigs are not usually associated with cars, at least not favorably.

There’s the road hog, one of the most irritating animals you can encounter while driving.

Pig-headed drivers who don’t follow rules can also ruin your drive.

Being portly and ungainly, carmakers stay away from pork when naming their cars.

There’s only one notable mention: the British Army’s armored personnel carrier named the Humber Pig—but that didn’t need to be attractive at all.

We conferred with feng shui consultant Richard Yu, and here are his insights and advice for the Year of the Pig:

“The Year of the Earth Pig is read as Yin Earth over Water. This is interpreted as a river flowing through a farmland.

“Many opportunities can be had but one must be prepared for unwanted surprises.”

Car manufacturing and transportation industries are of the metal and water elements, respectively.

These two elements will find it a bit challenging to push ahead during this Earth year. However, all is not lost!

“Fire and wood elements can find favor this year. Anything that is of technology, energy, entertainment and even financing are of the Fire element. Wood covers education, learning, fashion and media.”

Transportation that can incorporate these two elements can help you avoid obstacles, says feng shui consultant Richard Yu.

“An example would be a more efficient engine, or a better cooling system—even an improved navigation system.

“These by themselves may not make a new vehicle entirely new, but they can make the driving and travel experience even more exciting and fun!”

Motorists, though, are warned that the danger for all forms of travel is high this year—especially water travel.

It is strongly suggested that, not just the vehicle be regularly checked for roadworthiness, but also the driver’s proficiency and alertness.

Flooding will also have a high probability of happening frequently this year. Best to have one’s vehicle checked, including if the rust-proofing is still up to specs.

“Wood and Fire are the elements that counter the ill-effects for this year. Rather than spend on the bling-blings, which is solely of the Fire element, invest instead in useful things.

“Or better yet, upgrade to a vehicle with better safety features and better performance, if one is available on the market.”

The danger areas to watch for this year are false friends and false hopes. So make sure to check things before agreeing
into anything.

The best way to prepare for that is to avoid having any red meat prior to making a decision.

On the event when one is to make that important decision or when one arrives at a serious impassé wherein a decision is difficult to be made, it is then the right time to eat something with red meat. But as much as possible it must not be pork.

“Steamed is the better option over fried or grilled meat. And if possible, it comes fresh and hot when served. With the right sauce, too—like something with a bit of oil and spiciness—for red meat gives a quick but very short boost wherein one’s performance degrades after, especially if [one is] a frequent eater of it.

“Another way to boost one’s luck is to enjoy one’s free time with nature and supportive and helpful people.

“This is a year wherein it is wrong to deny oneself of life’s pleasures. Balancing one’s wants and needs is the name of the game for this year.

“Too much of one thing is what is not allowed during a Pig year.”

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