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Riding sharing apps vs LTFRB; gov’t vs taxi fleet operators vs the people

The Filipino public utility riding vehicle community has been in an uproar of late due to the government’s decision to ban all Grab and Uber vehicles from future operations.

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The great outdoors in the FJ Cruiser

I’ve always liked going to new places, new destinations, and have equally enjoyed the journey getting to these new places.

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Street (in)justice part 2

A few months ago, I wrote about a friend, Wes Tsai, in my column. He had a small delivery truck which was forcibly towed from his shop front.

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A Le Mans of surprises, attrition and comebacks

From left, LMP1 vice president Fritz Enzinger, Porsche Supervisory Board chairman Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, and Porsche Team Principal Andreas Seidl

Le Mans 2017 will perhaps be the most remembered Le Mans in recent years.

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Honda Accord 2.4 S Navi: a dad’s favorite

I can still remember my Dad’s own 1996 model Honda Accord with the 2.2-liter VTEC engine over 20 years ago.

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All-new Subaru XV: unpark your life

The cross-over segment in the Philippines is booming.

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In search of better Auto Options

Alvin Sia, Corey Keisel and Alex Sia standing proudly beside a Jeep Wrangler shod with KMC XD wheels and Dick Ceek Extreme Country 35-inch tires.

I’ve been in the motoring beat for the last 14 years (and counting). But I’ve been into cars much longer, particularly tuning and modding cars. The aftermarket holds a special place in my heart, which is why I always make an effort to know the latest tuning trends.

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Kia Sportage GT Line: amazing value at the top of the class

Korean cars like the KIA Sportage are not just about value-for-money, but great style and advanced technology as well.

When I first laid eyes on the Kia Sportage, I thought it just looked amazingly gorgeous.

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MINI Cooper S 5-door is more practical, but just as fun

MINI, together with its parent company BMW, is a master of creating more niches and sub-classes. The MINI Cooper 5-door is a perfect example, an answer to a question nobody seemingly asked. It looks quite awkward too, and begs the question: how do you differentiate and segregate between this and the Clubman?

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Volkswagen Tiguan: ferocity of a tiger, agility of an iguana

Browsing through online sites, I found an interesting anecdote about the Volkswagen Tiguan. Its name is an amalgamation of sorts: tiger and iguana.

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Sep 20, 2017

One of 2017’s biggest automotive surprises is the Mahinda Xylo E8. Bear with me and please don’t think this

Sep 13, 2017

The other day, my girlfriend and I were having lunch, and our discussion went to our husbands and their