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More views, theories on the excise tax

Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The increase in the excise tax is a certainty as far as many people in government and the auto industry are concerned. It’s only a matter of how much, and when.

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Understanding Mazda

Sales are moving briskly, the company has its new models all on sale.

Mazda. Hiroshima. The atom bomb and the rotary engine. Four things which are inexorably linked to each other. Understanding their relationship will bring you to a better understanding of the brand, its core philosophy and its future.

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Porsche Panamera: Beauty way more than skin deep

The Panamera 4S
showed its nimbleness
in the mountains.

You can learn a lot about a car company by spending time where it grew. If you hang around Stuttgart, Germany, for example, you will be able to experience the wonderfully winding roads and byways that bring you to, in, and around that area.

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Take a dip with Foiladip

To those who follow this column, you would know that I am a firm believer of foiling or wrapping your vehicle for added individualization and protection without lowering its resale value.

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MINI Countryman UK launch

Sporty driving on Buckinghamshire’s open roads

MINI has finally taken the wraps off its second-generation MINI Countryman small crossover sport utility-vehicle in answer to the growing demand for these small, all-around premium vehicles worldwide.

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Channeling Miss U while driving

The Philippines just finished the successful hosting of the Miss Universe Pageant, and while we are still in a Miss U high, hopefully we can translate some of the grace of the beauty queens into our everyday driving.

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Peugeot 308 SW: practical Parisian

Looking genetically handsome, and has good proportions

If the Philippines had been colonized by a progressive European nation longer, if we were a few hundred kilometers higher up the northern hemisphere, or if we weren’t plagued by incessant rains, station wagons and estates would be the norm instead of tall-riding SUVs and pickups.

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Toyota 86: five years hence

WHAT’S NEW? LED head and tail lights, plus front and rear bumpers signals.

January 2017 sees the Toyota 86 (and its Subaru BRZ twin) celebrating five years, and still going strong.

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Singapore Motorshow impressions

Toyota CHR

The Singapore Motorshow is on a renaissance of sorts. The event was last held in 2008, in sync with the first-ever Singapore F1 GP Night Race.

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Will technology make owning a car obsolete?


Tuesday, I got a Viber message about the dawn of the exponential age and predictions of the future by Dr. Robert Goldman, an anti-aging and sports medicine expert who has received a lot of accolades that had me convinced that he is credible.

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May 10, 2017

Nowadays, the car is the best extension of Mom’s domain. It is what she uses to chauffeur, acquire, gather

May 10, 2017

Browsing through online sites, I found an interesting anecdote about the Volkswagen Tiguan. Its name is an amalgamation of